Back in April I posted a tutorial on how to embed an RSS feed of your delicious links in a Moodle block:

Embedding Your Favorite Links Easily in Moodle

This same trick can be used to follow tagged or searchable content throughout the blogosphere. You could for example display the most recent posts about a given topic or those that match a given search criteria.  Here’s how:

  1. Point your browser at
  2. Search for the desired tag or topic. (For example, the ASCD conference this year asked all participants to use the tag ASCD10 for their social media – using this as your search will bring up all blog posts tagged this way).
  3. When the search results appear make sure to “Sort by Date” on the top right (this will display the most recent posts first).
  4. Click the RSS button to the left.
  5. Copy the link in the address bar to your clipboard.

Now, following the process in the “Embedding Your Favorite Links Easily in Moodle” tutorial, you can embed this feed into a moodle block.

**DANGER WILL ROBINSON: Keep in mind that this will display ANY blog post that matches your search. If you are too general with your search terms all sorts of interesting entries could pop up… so use caution if you are trying this trick with K-12’s. For older students however it can be a powerful way to take the pulse on a current event.